Some Meal Ideas

Avocado with Condensed Milk
`Cold Rice’

Coconut (Pol) Sambol
Coconut Soup (`Kiri Hodhi’)
Fresh fruit (e.g. Banana)
Buttered Bread Pudding/French Toast
Tea (Ceylon Tea, of course!)
Boiled Rice
Beef Curry
Dhal (Red Lentil Vegtable Curry
A `Mallung’
Pappadums – Deep fried or Microwaved
Sweets-Sago Pudding

Fried Rice
A Salad
Chutney or Pickle

Ghee Rice
`Fowl Curry’ (Broiling Hen Curry)
Fried Dried Fish with Fried Red Chillies
Malay Pickle
Sweets (Vattalappam)

Yellow Rice
Onion Curry or `Seeni’ Sambol
Salad or Slaw
Chicken Curry
Sweets (Something light)
Seafood Platter, with Lemon Sauce

Pancakes with Curry

All Meals

These are items that are had at all times
Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.
Hoppers/Stringhoppers, to name a couple.
Generally, Hoppers are catered for by a `Hopper Man'
(I've not as yet heard of a `Hopper Woman' as such)
especially for `occasions'.
To make hoppers calls for some work and a good
mixture that few can get easily,
so, it is easier to buy them.
Your local Sri Lankan food outlet may be able to advise
regards caterers or suppliers.
Good Luck.